Sponsors and Endorsements

Sponsors Welcome

Support for this site is welcome, and can be offered at sponsorship [at ] birdwideweb [dot ] com. Although at present there is no mechanism set up for donations in cash or kind as the costs of running the site are minimal, the best support now is recommendations.

Future Sponsors

There are many ways that enterprise support could be useful in the future. Complementary review downloads of paid apps would certainly help. Such sponsorship would not affect the objectivity of the review, however. It would make a review possible, but as this is primarily a recommendation site, poorly performing apps might simply not be mentioned. In no case, will the mailing list be shared.


Currently, the only relationship with 3rd-parties is through this site's full endorsement of a few selected organizations, institutions, and mobile applications:

National Audubon Society
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Macaulay Library
BirdsEye Birding
Mindful Birding

There are many other worthy resources on the web, and as this site grows, so, too will the list above!

The Bird Wide Web™ will be publishing a new article each month.

Selected Endorsements:



BirdsEye Birding


Mindful Birding