Website and Application Testing

This Site Is Tested

The "Wild West" days of the browser wars are over. In these early decades of the 21st Century, a well-formed website renders essentially the same whether it's viewed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile, regardless of operating system or browser. There do remain some quirks, however, which distinguish an iOS device from an Android one, and testing across platforms is important. With the readily available bank of internet-connected mobile devices at any large electronics retailer, this testing is easily done. And it is done regularly for The Bird Wide Web, thanks to a local Best Buy outlet. This is not a plug, but a testimonial. See the Sponsors page for more on this latter question.

Sites Reviewed Are Tested

While reviewed sites are thoroughly tested on a Mac with the Firefox browser, further cross-platform testing has been left to the webmasters of those respective sites. There are websites which use media players which do not work well on MacOS products, and where these are problematic it will be indicated. The reverse is rarely true.

Apps Reviewed Are Tested

While web-based applications are generally useful on all devices, the same is not true of mobile apps. Android apps do not run on iOS devices, and vice versa. Again, apps reviewed here have been thoroughly tested on iPhone/iPad iOS mobiles, but not on Android ones. Although it's up to the developers to produce functional applications, to review an app requires it to be downloaded which requires an appropriate device. Unless some sort of sponsorship arrangement (again, see the Sponsors page) provides an Android mobile, this site will rely upon the developers' professionalism and the recommendations of other 3rd-party reviewers.

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