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August 2019:

eBird I

Introduction to the easily searchable data which eBird offers, including species, range maps, photos, sound samples, and much more.

July 2019:


Description of online products which truly help birds in often unexpected ways.

June 2019:

Birding eBooks

Free eBooks on bird topics, where to get them, and how to read them.

May 2019:

ID Guides

Printable, downloadable pages and charts with bird species and families illustrated.

April 2019:

Bird Cams

Description of available online live streaming video of birds on feeders, nests and roosts around the world.

March 2019:

Naming That Song - II

Apps and online tutorials for learning bird songs at your own pace.

February 2019:

Naming That Song - I

Bird song recognition, using websites, mobile apps and searchable online audio collections.

January 2019:

Of Lists and "Listers"

How birding email lists work, some examples, and the distinction between Sightings and Alerts, and those who prefer each.

November 2018:

Birding Blogs

A survey of useful, entertaining, and regularly updated online commentary about birding and the birdwatching world.

October 2018:

"Birdy" Podcasts

Description of selected audio journals about aspects of the birding lifestyle, both web-based and designed for broadcast.

September 2018:

iBird Lite

A mobile birding application available in a very useful though limited free mode. Paid version is complete.

June 2018:


One of the best mobile/desktop bird ID tools, using multiple fieldmarks as keys, available in both free and paid modes.

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